NACHTSMID is the studio and workshop of Rosa Peters and Yoeri Nagtegaal.

(photo credits: André Smits РArtist in the World)

Rosa Peters
Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but raised in Reveles, a small rural village in east Portugal. After her return to the Netherlands Rosa graduated as an autonomous visual artist from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2012. Her work consists of (oil)paintings, drawings, installations and collages and is highly abstract and theoretical. She draws inspiration from human recollection and perception and is heavily influenced by Constructivism and (Communist) Architecture.

Yoeri Nagtegaal
Born and raised in Bussum, the Netherlands. Yoeri graduated with honours in 2007 at the faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft. Since setting up his own design studio NACHTSMID in 2011 together with Sjoerd Smit he has been involved in several start-ups. His design approach is based on simplicity and focuses on functionality, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese design. Next to his work at NACHTSMID, Yoeri is also a teacher at the Technical University in Delft and a design mentor in the pan-Arabic television show Stars of Science.